Archive Six, founded and solely run by a Bangkok born, immigrant, British Woman (from the age of five), now based in Hackney, East London.

 From the humble beginnings at Princess May Car Booty, in Stoke Newington, it has evolved from a predominantly sports and streetwear product base vintage brand, Basement Six to now Archive Six - a rare vintage and luxury designer brand. We are an Online/London based designer vintage store, with a history of hosting and participating in pop-up events, most notably at Selfridges London.

Thidarat, a small business owner, entrepreneur and creative has worked to create a platform to showcase and alchemise the way people look at secondhand and vintage clothing. From sourcing and hand-picking products worldwide to creative direction, styling and photographing each and every item sold in store. The process of creating a new story and giving new life to secondhand and vintage clothing and elevating it to a new level is truly a magical but very tangible, sustainable and important process.

Having worked on many projects in collaboration with brands within the expanding vintage and secondhand community such as Depop, from 2018 Thidarat and the work produced from Archive Six est. 2021 ( previously Basement Six est. 2015) has shared insight and gained recognition in HypeBae, Vogue, Grazia, HUNGER MAG,  Who What Wear and the BBC.

My main goal in life is to work hard, be nice, mind (RUN) my own business(es) and drink more water.” 

- Thidarat Kaha, 
Hackney’s very own Asian Del Boy 👍 

Thank you for supporting small business, and making a more a sustainable fashion choice.