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You can request to rent any item that is currently available in store via RENTAL BROWSE RENTAL COLLECTION. Please note that selected items are for Rental Only. 


  • We require a 15% hire fee of RRP for each item requested for a standard/minimum 4 days. 
  • Any requested items from (but not limited to) the ARCHIVE COLLECTION will also require an additional 20% ( of RRP ) Refundable Deposit in addition to hire costs.


  • Please send us your request to be reviewed via the RENTING EQUIRY FORM.
  • You will be contacted within 3 days with confirmation of your request, invoice, and contract to borrow for you to fill out and sign.
  • Once payment is made, your order will be shipped out to you for the dates requested. Same-day collection from London is also available. 
  • You receive the item and enjoy!
  • You send the item back to us at the end of your rental time window.
  • On the item’s return, it will be thoroughly checked, and (any) deposit is returned to you as long as the item is received back in it’s original condition. 


Rentals are only available for UK customers. International rental is not currently available unless of very special circumstances, which will be accepted at our discretion depending on the request.WHAT IS THE MINIMUM RENTING PERIOD?

The minimum renting period is 4 days.CAN I RENT FOR LONGER THAN 4 DAYS?

Yes of course! You will incur the same fee for the following 4 days. Payment increments are charged in a 4 day blocks. For example, you can rent items for 4 days, 8 days, 12 days and 16 days. This means that even if you only require the item for 6 days, it will still be charged as an 8 day rental. HOW MUCH IS DELIVERY?

We will deliver the item to you free of charge, however you are responsible for the return postage. MY ITEM HAS ARRIVED EARLY – IS THAT A MISTAKE?

No this is not a mistake 🙂 to ensure the item reaches you on the day it has been requested, we sometimes account in any issues that might occur and ship them out a few days early. This will not affect your original order request, and  you will not be charged extra.HOW ARE THE DAYS COUNTED IN A STANDARD RENTAL PERIOD?

The first day of the rental is when you will receive your order. The last day of your rental window is when the item should be shipped back to us – to arrive the following day. 

Example timeline of a standard 4 day rental.

Day 1: At your door – received by you via post or collection.

Day 2 : enjoy

Day 3 : enjoy

Day 4 : Item is shipped back by you and scheduled to be return to us the following day. HOW DO I RETURN MY ORDER?

On the last day of your renting window, the item should be in the post and on its way back to us before midday to ensure it is returned to us the next day. 

A pre-printed return address label is included with your parcel/order. The original postal bag has an additional adhesive strip, so you are able to re-use it to return your item.

We recommend returning your item(s) using a TRACKABLE service as we cannot be held responsible for items that have gone missing or are lost during transit. The item remains your responsibility and care until it has reached us back at the studio with confirmation, safely. This means if there are issues with receiving the item back safely, you would be invoiced the RRP of the item if it has gone missing or lost/stolen whilst in transit or in your care. DO I NEED PROOF OF POSTAGE?

Please keep your proof of postage incase anything happens with your return. If you do not have proof you returned your order, it could be classed as unreturned and you may be liable to pay fees if your item does get lost. ARE RENTAL ORDERS REFUNDABLE/AVAILABLE FOR EXCHANGE?

We do not offer refunds or exchanges on rental orders. Once your request has been confirmed and payment has been taken for this order you are no longer able to cancel this transaction, even if you have not yet received your item on the date requested. In this case the item will not be sent to you (by your request) but it will still incur a charge. All transactions of this kind are final and non-refundable. DO YOU HAVE A PHYSICAL STORE? 

Our showroom and curated collection is located in Shoreditch, London by appointment only – please contact us on rental@archivesix.co to book your visit.

The showroom does not hold our full collection so please do let us know in advance if there is anything in particular you are looking for so we have it ready for your visit in person. Our full collection can be found online.   DO YOU OFFER SAME DAY ONLINE, IN PERSON COLLECTIONS?

Same-day online orders, for in person collection is available for pick up via our showroom in Shoreditch, London as long as the transaction has been confirmed, finalised and paid before 11am on the day of pick up.


Please don’t worry about cleaning your item before returning. This is to ensure that no accidental damage happens in the process. We will sort all this out on the items’ return, and get it professionally dry-cleaned safely, ready for the next customer. 


When items are returned late it can affect other customers’ orders.

A late fee of 15% of RRP will be charged in  4 day block increments for each item, starting on the 1st day it is late. Or the equivalent of extending your rental under the original rental rates in 4 day blocks.

For example if you are 2 days late in returning your item you will still be charged for an additional 4 days. Or if you are 6 days late, then you will still be charged for an additional 8 days.

If you are late in returning your item without prior notice and agreement, you will be invoiced every 4 days, and payment will be automatically charged to your card.

If the item is not returned by 21 days, we will assume it has been lost/stolen and you will be charged the items’ RRP. You will be invoiced and payment will be automatically charged to your card.

Please note you will be charged these fees for every item in your order that is returned late.

 Late fees and lost/stolen/damaged item fees are non-refundable.WHAT IF I DAMAGE MY OUTFIT BEYOND REPAIR?

We are fair in our rental transactions and want you to enjoy the piece(s) you rent from Archive Six as much as you can whilst you have it, but we do ask that you take care of the items like you would your own loved treasure.

Most damages are easily repaired, e.g. a ripped seam, but sometimes outfits get damaged beyond repair. In these cases, we reserve the right to review each case individually and we will investigate any damages before informing you of the next steps and of any charges. We may charge customers up to the full retail value of the outfit to cover replacement costs.

Please note that body tape should NOT be used on your rental outfit as this often leaves unremovable marks on our garments and you will be charged a replacement fee if this happens.


In most cases this would be totally possible, as we are a Vintage store. If you decide to keep your item at the end of your rental period please let us know as soon as possible to avoid late return fees. You will be invoiced the RRP of the item minus your original rental charge, and the payment will be automatically charged to your card. 

In some circumstances this will not be available due to our own discretion. Please also note that some items are for rental only as they are part of my personal archive. Please note that we do not offer returns, refunds or exchanges for purchased items.


If there are any additional questions please just drop me an email on rentals@archivesix.co, and I’ll try and get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you so much for supporting Archive Six and choosing a more sustainable fashion choice!


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